I.S.T. produces bolted storage tanks in a wide variety of sizes and sheet material. A dedicated team of designers and technicians advise and guide you throughout the different decisionmaking steps in order to find the best storage solution for your specific needs.

The unique bolted construction has many advantages compared to other tank building methods:
  • Quick and affordable mounting system
  • Durable designs
  • Modular system which can easily be transported worldwide
  • Permanent stock of panels so we can guarantee a fast delivery
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Easy to disassemble and move
  • Full range of accessories
I.S.T. storage tanks are designed in a 3D CAD design environment where every aspect of the tank and its accessories can be customized to fit the clients requirements.

Every component of the construction is manufactured and packed for shipment at our workshop near Ghent in Belgium. Our strategic location in central Europe and near the port of Antwerp allows efficient shipping of our tanks worldwide.

Use our tank configurator and find the optimal tank diameter and height for your project.
I.S.T. storage tanks are constructed with the top-down erection method. Construction starts with the roof and the top ring of sheets. Additional rings are added to the tank by jacking the entire construction up. This method requires only ground operations eliminating the need for scaffolding and cranes on site.

All elements necessary for the construction of the tank arrive neatly packed on site. A typical tank fits in a 20ft container and can be completely installed in 5 to 10 days with only 2 to 3 people. This easy and fast assembly method is the main reason for the low cost compared to other tank construction methods.