Stainless steel is the most durable choice for your storage tank. Mainly used in the water treatment industry stainless steel is the prime choice when it comes to longevity and maintenance friendliness of your I.S.T. storage tank.

Stainless steel comes in many different types, each with their own unique characteristics:

  • AISI 304: this is the basic type of austhenitic stainless steel used in the construction of I.S.T. storage tanks. It combines excellent corrosion resistance with excellent strength to weight ratio.
  • AISI 316: is the standard molybdenum-bearing grade of stainless steel. The molybdenum provides superior corrosion resistance compared to AISI 304 and higher chloride resistance which makes it the excellent choice for applications in marine environment.
  • Duplex: provides higher strength than austhenitic stainless steel and are an option for very large storage tanks where reduced shell thicknesses can be obtained compared to the standard types of stainless steel.

I.S.T. has many years of experience when it comes to choosing the correct stainless steel for your application, therefore it is advised to
contact us from the beginning of your project so we can help you choose the best solution to your needs.